This test will specify your Business English level between B1 and B2 or higher. It will test your skills in Reading, Listening, and also your competence in Grammar and Business Vocabulary. It is only a placement test, which doesn’t officially prove your confidence in English language. We would like to remind that the most important skill in using a language is usually considered to be Speaking, so we can also test it – just contact us by e-mail, saying that you would like to test your speaking skills.

During the test you will have to listen to some recordings so you may prefer to use headphones.

During the test you may use “Review Question” button which will mark the number of the question yellow making it easier to turn back to it later.

You will do 10 tasks, but they contain different number of questions. The 10th task is the biggest and takes the longest time.

There is 40-minutes time-limit to finish the test. You may listen to the recording as many times as you wish but you should finish the whole test in 40 minutes.

Please type your name and e-mail so we could identify you later. We will not publish them anywhere.
Good luck!

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